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April 16, 2014

Thingiverse - Newest Things

Ship's Wheel

Strength Marker Replacement for Pirate's Cove

by onebitpixel at April 16, 2014 07:13 PM

Starcraft 2 Logos

My brother had me make a Terran and Protoss Desktop Logo for him and I thought I would share them here. They are about 3 inches tall each (give or take)

by Overgrownasian at April 16, 2014 07:10 PM


zfs tutorial

This explains how to setup openzfs on an ubuntu system.  My system has an iqstor 15 drive array on it, and that is what I will be using in this example.

  1. apt-get install python-software-properties
  2. add-apt-repository ppa:zfs-native/stable
  3. apt-get update
  4. apt-get install ubuntu-zfs
  5. zpool create -f -o ashift=12 tank raidz \
    ata-ST4000DM000-1111 ata-ST40000DM000-2222 ata-ST40000DM000-3333

NAS Build:
zpool create -f -o ashift=12 tank raidz2 \


SLC SLOG drive
unit MiB
mkpart zfs 1 16385
mkpart zfs 16285 122104
zpool add tank log mirror <part1> <part2> <part3> (SLOG)
zpool add tank cache (L2ARC)

Filesystems are called datasets:
They all share the storage pool equally

zfs get compressionratio tank
zfs create tank/databases

zfs set compression=lz4 tank/databases
zfs create tank/databases -o compression=lz4

zfs snapshot tank/databases@friday (start a snapshot)

apt-get install zfs-auto-snapshot (create snapshots on time intervals)
zfs set com.zun:auto-snapshot=true tank/databases
zfs set snapdir=visible tank/databases
Why create multiple file systems/datasets?
zpool scrub tank (check for errors)
zpool scrub cancel (kill scrubbing)
zpool iostat -v 1

zpool replace -f tank <disk1> <disk2> (old drive – new drive)
zpool status (will show the status of resilving)
Z 3,5,9,17,33
Z2 4,6,10,18,34
Z3 5,7,11,19,35


zpool status
zpool list
zpool iostat -v 1
zfs get compressionratio tank/databases
zdb (lists what zfs internal cache looks like)
zfs get all tank/databases (show all the paramters for a filesystem)
zfs list -t snapshot (show snapshots)

zfs set quota=10G tank/home/jeff
zfs get quota takn/home/jeff
zfs list -r tank/home

zpool create -f -o ashift=12 tank1 raidz2 \
pci-0000:0c:00.0-fc-0x520092b44d01bd04-lun-0 \
pci-0000:0c:00.0-fc-0x520092b4563e6e07-lun-0 \
pci-0000:0c:00.0-fc-0x520092b43a90080d-lun-0 \
pci-0000:0c:00.0-fc-0x520092b43a8c0a07-lun-0 \
pci-0000:0c:00.0-fc-0x520092b44d01bd10-lun-0 \
pci-0000:0c:00.0-fc-0x520092b43bd7ef01-lun-0 \
pci-0000:0c:00.0-fc-0x520092b49d716800-lun-0 \
pci-0000:0c:00.0-fc-0x520092b43a8c0a05-lun-0 \
pci-0000:0c:00.0-fc-0x520092b4353f2600-lun-0 \
pci-0000:0c:00.0-fc-0x520092b43a8c0a09-lun-0 \
pci-0000:0c:00.0-fc-0x520092b44d01bd06-lun-0 \
pci-0000:0c:00.0-fc-0x520092b44d01bd07-lun-0 \
pci-0000:0c:00.0-fc-0x520092b44d01bd0a-lun-0 \
pci-0000:0c:00.0-fc-0x520092b43a8c0a03-lun-0 \

zfs create tank/databases -o compression=lz4

–> replace disk with larger disk
zpool set autoexpand=on tank1
** pull a disk
** check logs for the drive that was removed
zpool detach tank old_1tb_drive
** insert new disk
zpoool replace -f old_1tb_drive new_2tb_drive

by Andrew Falgout at April 16, 2014 04:03 PM

Thingiverse - Newest Derivatives

Marblevator Mini, Seesaw Edition.

This version of the Marblevator Mini series features a seesaw and basin. The seesaw directs alternating marbles to alternating ends of the basin.

Video of prototype here: Note the sign is not included.

Designed for use with multiple marbles.

Designed to use the base assembly of the Marblevator Mini. Simply push out the worm gear and Bowl Track, then snap on the Seesaw track and replace the worm gear.

Designed using Sketchup 8 and printed in PLA on a Replicator 2 using Makerware "Track.stl" and "Basin.stl" were printed "High" resolution, the remaining parts printed in "Standard" resolution.

by gzumwalt at April 16, 2014 02:48 PM

PVC Pipe Clamp

SCH40 PVC 3/4" Pipe Clamp
Mounting hardware: #6 self tapping screw
Clamping hardware: #8 machine screw

Application: Hold PVC pipe to wooden platform to make a horizontal hot wire foam cutting assembly.

CAD development chain: OpenSCAD used to modify original OpenSCAD file. Modified file was exported to .csg format. .csg file was imported into FreeCAD. FreeCAD was used to produce .stl for part production with ReplicatorG.

by jpstaub at April 16, 2014 01:51 PM

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Skrekkøgle posted a photo:


nozzle looks weirded out by the new material

by Skrekkøgle at April 16, 2014 11:01 AM

April 15, 2014

What's design ?

FoldaRap @ Anniversaire du FacLab

Entre des démo, des ateliers, des préparations de kits, des livraisons, bref... pas mal de choses, je me suis échappé quelques jours début mars. Tout d'abord pour une petite démo chez Xebia @EaGuerch Direction ensuite Gennevillier pour l'anniversaire des 2 ans du FacLab ! Petit album photo Chouettes retrouvailles la veille avec des amis et connaissances ^^ Comme d'autres j'ai adoré voir la

by Emmanuel Gilloz ( at April 15, 2014 05:19 PM

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Tales of a modern life

Makibox - the next steps

The default hotend of the Makibox is ...crappy.
The thermal barrier is not enough to print anything larger then a test-cube in ABS or PLA. Even with no retraction at all, the filament above the heater block expands and stalls even the strongest extruder after 30 inutes of printing. (Using the supplied Makible filament and higher temperature settings. With Makibox-supplied default settings it's much worse.)

I already have a stronger and spring-loaded extruder and a thinner bowden tube. They help but alone they don't solve the issue. They just postpone the failure.

I'm currently waiting for a modification from a forum user in the US that adds a cooling block to the existing hotend. The modiciation is as simple as screwing it on and mounting a fan.

In parallel I already have an E3D hotend version 5.
During Easterhegg I'll try to find someone to print me a mount (or another mount for LM4UU linear ball bearings) for that and follow the instruction of user my_makibox to install it.
If not, that mount looks simple enough that maybe I can CNC mill it out of a piece of wood.
(Having E3D print a mount for me was not avaliable when I ordered my hotend.)
Not that is does require a firmware update because it has a different thermistor.
my_makibox supplied a compiled firmware here .

by Marcus Wolschon ( at April 15, 2014 12:24 PM