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October 20, 2017

New reprap images on Photobucket

DIY 3D Printer and Reprap

Best 3d printer_zpsuoctq7hr.jpg
DIY 3D Printer and Reprap - Best 3d printer_zpsuoctq7hr.jpg

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by star133 at October 20, 2017 11:48 AM

Thingiverse - Newest Things

Easy Cable Management

This cable management clip holds cables securely in place while letting you easily add/remove cables when you need to. It was inspired by a clip we used on the job years ago. We never found out who made them and everyone loved them, so I went ahead and reproduced it here in OpenSCAD.

OpenSCAD source is included so you can modify to your heart's content. I included several ready-to-print versions. If you customize, I recommend the open base/two screws option since it gives the clip more flex. If you are using double-side tape, go with closed back/no screws. Be careful not to make the sides too thick, otherwise they will be too stiff and break off.

I printed mine in black ABS at 50% infill 0.3mm layers. ABS has advantages here since if you want to make your clips even stronger, you can use acetone polishing to chemically weld the printed layers. To do this, you'll need a large ziplock bag, a sheet of paper towel, and some acetone. Wad up the paper towel and dampen it with acetone, then place the wad in a corner of the bag. Place your printed parts insude the bag and zip it up. After about an hour remove your parts (hold your breath!) and let them air out overnight.

by rssalerno at October 20, 2017 10:46 AM

Testing a Print-in-One hinge(?) in Vertical and Horizontal position

A sample for a hinge printed in one step. with full closed jacket around the pin

by Maexchen at October 20, 2017 10:44 AM

Thingiverse - Newest Derivatives

Kossel foldable spool holder

This fits the build size of the plus, not sure for the normal kossel, let me know in the comments and I´ll modifie it if it´s necessary.

Materials: 2x D3.5x8mm rods
2x608zz bearings
2x D8x3mm magnets
1x 8x85-90mm rod
1mm thick double side tape

by pablogk95 at October 20, 2017 08:56 AM

Roman Colosseum

The picture is a coarse print but is still looks great. I painted with sand infused paint to simulate stone.

The 3rd picture my girlfriend took and we had printed on canvas. Looks nice on wall.

by holdendp at October 20, 2017 07:50 AM

October 18, 2017

La Grotte Du Barbu

Transformation d’une valise toute triste grise en super valise Mario-Luigi – Ep205

Et oui c’est la première fois que ma fifille va prendre l’avion toute seule (sans être UM) pour aller voir mon fréro à Amsterdam, donc je me suis dit qu’une valise Mario Luigi ce serait quand même plus fun qu’une vilaine valise grise comme tout le monde

Le matériel utilisé
blue tape (avec plusieurs épaisseurs) – ou
bâche pour la peinture –
du papier –
un sharpie –
un sharpie plus épais –
un scalpel –
des lames à scalpel –
des gants pour se protéger les mains –
des bombes de peinture –
du vernis mat en bombe –

La musique
Thor’s_Hammer – Ethan Meixsell –
Led_Foot – Ethan Meixsell –
Rabid – Ethan Meixsell –
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Parasail – Silent partner –

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Inspirez vous, faites des trucs et que la barbitude soit avec vous

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by babozor at October 18, 2017 10:04 PM

Tales of a modern life

Returning to my CNC

I haven't worked on my CNC mill for a while.
This weekend I'm planning to:

  • Attach cables to the (already mounted) X+Y+Z+A homing switches (Update: DONE)
  • Test homing (Update: small issue to fix with Z first)
  • Test my experimented M6 tool change macro for my Usovo ATC spindle. (manual tests worked out) (Depends on homing)

Later I need to:
  • Add an M6 exception for the 3d touch probe to be stored in a different location (because it's too large for the pneumatic tool-magazine)
  • Find a way to get 10V, so the PWM-output of my PLCM B1 breakout board can control the Usovo spindle via 0-10V PWM because it doesn't have RS485 like my old China-spindle+VFD.

    by Marcus Wolschon ( at October 18, 2017 12:02 PM

    October 17, 2017

    Public RSS-Feed of Whosa whatsis. Created with the PIXELMECHANICS 'GPlusRSS-Webtool' at

    Reshared post from Joan Horvath:

    Original Post from Joan Horvath:

    My first class with +Whosa whatsis on has just been released, "Additive Manufacturing: Optimizing 3D Prints." classes are behind a paywall, but they have free trials! Many schools also have subscriptions.

    The class on

    Some of it is also available via LinkedInLearning:

    Check it out!

    October 17, 2017 11:57 PM

    Tales of a modern life

    Custom Deskproto strategy

    Project history

    1. current posting
    2. next step: add command line arguments and extensively test the strategy
    3. Next project: subdivide rotary axis operations to keep toolpath-distance constant while getting near the center of rotation


    I have two problems with CNC machining either wax, plastic or soft wood:
    1. I lack experience with how much surface finishing detail I need. So I want a finishing strategy that graducally gets finer (distance of parallel toolpathes) until I stop. Without however milling the same path serveral times (like every second path when I do a tpd=tool-diameter/4 and then a tpd=tool-diameter/8 parallel strategy or every 15th path if I do a tpd=tool-diameter/3 and then a tpd=tool-diameter/5 operation.)
    2. I cannot machine the same part of the surface for too long a time. It will eithrer melt (wax and plastic) or catch fire (wood). It needs time to cool down. Duering that time however, I can maching other parts of the geometry that are far away.


    Since the existing toolpathes did not offer such a strategy, I came up with a small Java program.
    You would start with a Deskptoro CAM project containing one (e.g. "parallel along X") or two (e.g. "parallel along X", then "parallel along Y" or "along A")  FINISHING passes.
    These would be marked by adding "REPLICATE" to their names.

    The program will then make copies of these operations with the starting point offset by toolpath-distance / 2.
    After these it will add copied operations with the starting point offset by toolpath-distance / 4 of the original and the copied operations.
    Then it will do the same with toolpath-distance / 8.

    The result is a finishing strategy that gradually increases surface quality and can be paused and aborted at any time.
    At the same time it does not operate on the same part of the geometry until it has worked on all other parts.
    Thus giving the part time to cool down where a simple parallel-strategy with a smaller toolpath-distance would mill over the same place dozens of times, thus heating up the surface and either melting plastic or wax or setting soft wood on fire.


    by Marcus Wolschon ( at October 17, 2017 05:17 PM